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Game of Thrones Season 4 Bloopers [x]

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With pen (colour added in SAI)


With pen (colour added in SAI)

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The Strokes – I’ll Try Anything Once

When I said, ‘I can see me in your eyes’
You said, ‘I can see you in my bed’

my wedding song

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The claim that a company like McDonald’s can’t afford to pay wages over the minimum is absolutely insulting when you compare the salary of its CEO to one of its crew members.

I worked at a McDonald’s in New York over the summer and did a little math while I was there. In 2011, former McDonald’s CEO James Skinner made $8.75 million with compensation, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. In comparison, crew members made $7.25 an hour, for about $15,000 a year, if they stayed at the job year-round.

If you take Skinner’s total salary in 2011 and assume that he worked 40-hour week, he would have made $4,200 an hour. In one hour, he made 580 times more than the average McDonald’s worker. James Skinner made $33,600 a day, which is twice the salary tht a McDonald’s crew member makes in a year of full-time work.

Looking at it another way, the average worker would have to work for almost 600 years to make the salary that Skinner made in 2011. In one year, Skinner makes more than I could make in at least six lifetimes.


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funny the things you thought you’d never miss (at Stony Point Fashion Park)

funny the things you thought you’d never miss (at Stony Point Fashion Park)

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